Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team UNIVERSE Update

Hello all! Well, I spent the last few days out of contact with the "wired" world. The temp dropped up at Mt. Baker and the precip kept falling - this time in the form of SNOW! We had some amazing days of skiing. Our last day even cleared up, giving us bluebird skies, pristine visibility and untouched, creamy creamy powder. Rob and I got some amazing fresh tracks after hiking backcountry - a SPECTACULAR DAY! yeah, that's right.

Sadly, I also dropped my cell phone off a chairlift into bottomless powder and so have been pretty incommunicado for the last few days. I have hardly even been able to contact Michael! (yo, mike, let's chat).

As for the Samsung Video Competition, we have heard NOTHING yet. Samsung has not announced winners, so perhaps there is still a chance. We haven't lost hope, and we hope you haven't either! Besides, now I'm actually in pretty desperate need for the phone, digital camera, and laptop that come with the prize!

Samsung, if you are reading, WE LOVE YOU! To prove (and demonstrate!) our love, I wrote you a haiku and drew you a picture. Please pick us, we love you...and the OLYMPICS!!

we love you samsung
please send us to vancouver
we'll tweet with your phone!

1 comment:

  1. Cristina, Love the illustration and the haiku! sorry to hear about the phone sinking into endless snow but you're right we really do need some Samsung gear now! What's the best number to get you at? Should I call you on Rob's phone?