Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maple Leaf vs. Bald Eagle

It may come down to a good old-fashioned North American rivalry between Canada and the US in a couple of events at the upcoming Olympics, but perhaps the most cut-throat in Women's Hockey.

The Canadian women's hockey team just beat the US women in Spokane, WA. This is the second win in a row for the Canadians against the Americans. Jenny Potter, returning US Olympic team member, however, is confident that the US team can still best the Canadians. Potter is still riding the wave from last month when the US team beat the Canadians twice in four days, winning the Hockey Canada Cup.

Perhaps it is an over-confidence that has resulted in the new dominance by the Canadian women. The US team lacked intensity in Spokane and simply allowed themselves to be beaten. They have already proven their skill and capability to take on the Canadian team, but now it is a question of performing on the ice. The Canadians took 3 shots within the first 90 minutes - putting the US team's sloth on display. The US never quite took the game back from there, finishing with an embarrassing 5-2 score.

Potter reminds the US fans that the game was not for a medal, however, but only for "pride." Thankfully, they got their butts spanked in the US, a few weeks before the Games begin. Hopefully, this will give the US women a rude awakening that they cannot sleep on their victory last month at the Canada Cup.

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