Friday, January 8, 2010

Single Plank Showdown in Mammoth, CA

The Mammoth Mountain Snowboarding Grand Prix is the place to be if you're searching for the most cutthroat snowboarding competition yet to date. The comp started on the 7th and runs until the 10th. Not only is it the biggest national snowboarding competition of the season, but also is doubling as the 5 Olympic qualifying rounds. The stakes are high and boarders are throwing out never-before seen moves. Several of the spots on the Olympic Team have already been decided: Kelly Clark was a shoe-in for the women, while Davis and Shaun fought it out for the first spot on the men's team. Shaun White, or the Flying Tomato, received all the press and spotlight leading into the competition, but Danny Davis has already proved himself as the top dog. On Wednesday's event, Davis and White battled it out in the pipe. Riding for his friend, Kevin Pearce, who was recently critically wounded in a competition in Colorado, Davis dropped into the pipe first. He laid down a progressive and extremely technical run including three double corks and culminating in his final jump: a switch double-back rodeo. White followed Davis, and though he performed strongly, he under-rotated his last jump, leading to a sloppy, near-crash finish. The event was historic for the snowboarding community. With two events left, who knows what other tricks will be released from the bag.

Davis and White have taken two of the four Olympic team spots for the men, while Kelly Clark occupies one for the women. The remaining five spots (two on the men's and three on the women's) will be decided over the next couple of days as the Grand Prix continues.

To watch Davis's, White's, and Clark's runs from Wednesday's comp follow this link to GrindTV's coverage of the event:

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  1. Update: In the end, White took overall first at the Mammoth Grand Prix. Danny Davis, placed in Heat 2, finished well, but perhaps not well enough to secure a spot on the Olympic team.

    Here are the final scores:
    Men’s Pipe (Heat One)
    Shaun White 47.1
    Jeff Batchelor 43.8
    Louie Vito 43.4
    Broc Waring 42.2
    Matt Ladley 39.7
    Scotty Lago 39.6
    Steve Fisher 39.6
    Ross Baker 37.7
    Danny Kass 37.7
    Ben Watts 35.3

    Men’s Pipe (Heat Two)
    Greg Bretz 45.9
    Danny Davis 43.3
    Elijah Teter 43.0
    Justin Lamoureux 41.3
    JJ Thomas 41.2
    Jack Mitrani 40.7
    Andy Finch 39.0
    Brennen Swanson 39.0
    Mathieu Crepel 38.9
    Brad Martin 38.4