Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Team UNIVERSE Update

Mike has been slaving away, using his mad video editing skills in order to make a winning video for the Samsung Mobile Explorers contest that will hopefully win us a trip to Vancouver! It is almost, almost ready, so keep your eyes peeled for our new video soon to be posted here, on our youtube channel (mikeCRISTINAolympics), and on the Samsung Mobile Explorers page.

As for me, I just arrived at Mt. Baker. Sadly, it rained yesterday, turning every inch of those BEAUTIFUL fresh 19 that fell a few days ago into cement. I skipped out on buying a lift ticket today due to the tremendous disappointment. Hopefully the temp will drop and all this rain will turn back into snow!!

For those of you not near snow right now, here's a couple videos of yours truly taking to the backcountry of the San Bernardinos. These clips are from last year. Rob and I climbed Mt. Bady (10,000 ft) and skiied down - my first backcountry expedition ever!

Through the mist:

A little steeper chute skiing:

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  1. Great job on that super steep chute. It is a lot steeper in reality than it looks here!! Go Cristina!