Thursday, December 31, 2009

America's Sweetheart ends 2009 with a whimper, what will 2010 bring?

While Michael and I have been seriously training to watch the Olympics, famous athlete, Lindsey Vonn, has been having a disappointing week in Europe at the World Cup. After Lindsey Vonn seriously injured her arm on Monday in Lienz, Austria (above right), she lost any hopes for podium standings. After the spectacular crash on a Giant Slalom (GS) course, she was rushed to the hospital where the doctors found that while she had no broken bones, her hand and wrist were seriously bruised.

Despite her injury, Vonn got back on the horse and raced the very next day in the Slalom. (Watch video here: She took the gates like a beast despite the intense pain she must have been experiencing at every turn. With the injury, however, she came in at 18th - a very disappointing finish for the top athlete. If I know Vonn, though, (which I don't) I know she's going to come back from this injury like a champion. I predict that this whole upset will only give her a new fire for the February Olympic games.

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