Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Girl, you got STYLE! (freestyle that is)

Shannon Bahrke (left) is bringing some style to the Olympics. With hot pink hair, Shannon is not your average girl. She races motorcycles, cars, does backflips and rodeos in the park, and to top it all off, is an Olympic medalist in Freestyle Moguls. She has made two Olympic appearances, took home the silver from Torino, and placed well in 5 World Championships, including earning silver (2007) and bronze (2003). She hopes to win gold in Vancouver, and has promised to dye her hair completely hot pink if she does (currently, it is bleached white with hot pink streaks).

She's definitely bringing some style to this year's Freestyle competition. She'll be easy to spot, and I would put money on spotting her hot pink head up on the podium in February!

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