Monday, December 28, 2009

LUGE - yes we can!

Have you ever wanted to throw yourself down a steep slope of solid ice at neck-breaking speeds of over 80 mph? Neither have I, but I have grown a great respect for the athletes that do. Luge athletes suit up in a thin layer of spandex and not much else before screaming down ice tunnels.

Partner luge team, Brian Martin and Mark Grimmette have a good chance to bring home some gold in the upcoming 2010 olympics. Martin boasts the impressive stat of being the Team USA member with the most international medals. With World Championship, World Cup and multiple Olypmic medals, Martin and his teammate have a very favorable standing coming into Vancouver. Much respect to the pair for laying on top of each other and hurling their collective body mass down the ice!

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  1. Can you imagine being the guy that doesn't get to steer?