Monday, December 28, 2009

Billy IS The Best Dressed Man on the Mountain - Believe it!

Billy Babcock was clearly the best dressed person on the mountain this week and that is why he won "Mike and Cristina's best dressed on the mountain competition" and the Grand Prize of 50 home grown Satsuma Mandarins. The prize was originally supposed to be 15 mandarins but we gave Billy a ride home to the Bay Area and he is a big guy with a big love for seedless citrus... and the basket was sitting right next to him in the back seat. What can you expect?

Billy and I went to high school together in Santa Rosa and hadn't talked in years until he came back into my world last night around 3:00am. Cristina, Nicole and I had just returned from a night of dancing to the house we were staying at in South Lake when Billy walks in the door having picked up our host who was hitch hiking home in the snow.

After a little catching up, Tom (the hitch hiker) starts going crazy and telling us about the get-up that Billy wears on the mountain. It's sort of like a Kush ball with colorful tubes of foam extending out from an orange Caltrans jumpsuit. It is awesome. As is Billy... hope you enjoy those Mandarins!

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